Hi Rui,

I am trying to get a OV5645 camera to work with a imx7d-pico board on
linux-next 20190628.

Here is the log:

[    0.285361] videodev: Linux video capture interface: v2.00
[    3.684025] csi: Registered csi capture as /dev/video0
[    3.689618] imx-media: subdev csi bound
[    4.055676] imx-media: imx7-mipi-csis.0:1 -> csi-mux:1
[    4.061032] imx-media: csi-mux:2 -> csi:0
[    4.065339] imx-media: ov5645 3-003c:0 -> imx7-mipi-csis.0:0

I try to follow the instructions from
Documentation/media/v4l-drivers/imx7.rst to setup the links, which
would be the following for imx7d-pico:

   media-ctl -l "'ov5645 3-003c':0 -> 'imx7-mipi-csis.0':0[1]"
   media-ctl -l "'imx7-mipi-csis.0':1 -> 'csi_mux':1[1]"
   media-ctl -l "'csi_mux':2 -> 'csi':0[1]"
   media-ctl -l "'csi':1 -> 'csi capture':0[1]"

The first command succeeds, but the second one fails:

# media-ctl -l "'imx7-mipi-csis.0':1 -> 'csi_mux':1[1]"
Unable to parse link: Invalid argument (22)

Any ideas, please?


Fabio Estevam

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