Hi Jean, Mauro and all,

Am Dienstag, den 02.02.2010, 08:54 +0100 schrieb Jean Delvare:
> Hi Hermann,
> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 02:47:53 +0100, hermann pitton wrote:
> > Hi Jean,
> > 
> > Am Montag, den 01.02.2010, 10:56 +0100 schrieb Jean Delvare:
> > > Hi Hermann,
> > > 
> > > On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 02:16:35 +0100, hermann pitton wrote:
> > > > For now, I only faked a P7131 Dual with a broken IR receiver on a 2.6.29
> > > > with recent, you can see that gpio 0x40000 doesn't go high, but your
> > > > patch should enable the remote on that P7131 analog only.
> > > 
> > > I'm not sure why you had to fake anything? What I'd like to know is
> > > simply if my first patch had any negative effect on other cards.
> > 
> > because I simply don't have that Asus My Cinema analog only in question.
> > 
> > To recap, you previously announced a patch, tested by Daro, claiming to
> > get the remote up under auto detection for that device and I told you
> > having some doubts on it.
> My first patch was not actually tested by Daro. What he tested was
> loading the driver with card=146. At first I thought it was equivalent,
> but since then I have realized it wasn't. That's the reason why the
> "Tested-by:" was turned into a mere "Cc:" on my second and third
> patches.
> > Mauro prefers to have a fix for that single card in need for now.
> > 
> > Since nobody else cares, "For now", see above, I can confirm that your
> > last patch for that single device should work to get IR up with auto
> > detection in delay after we change the card such late with eeprom
> > detection.
> > 
> > The meaning of that byte in use here is unknown to me, we should avoid
> > such as much we can! It can turn out to be only some pseudo service.
> > 
> > If your call for testers on your previous attempt, really reaches some
> > for some reason, I'm with you, but for now I have to keep the car
> > operable within all such snow.
> That I understand. What I don't understand is: if you have a
> SAA7134-based card, why don't you test my second patch (the one moving
> the call to saa7134_input_init1 to saa7134_hwinit2) on it, without
> faking anything? This would be a first, useful data point.

sorry, the snow fall did not stop and we will need trucks next day to
get it out of town. No place left.

I did not reread any single line of code until now, but told you that
Roman has tested a equivalent patch on his P7131_ANALOG already and I
can confirm that it also had no side effects on a FlyVideo3000 card=2.

For now, I would at least need some time to see, if input_init can be
decoupled from all other hardware init, what you seem to suggest, and
looking closer to Mauro's concerns.

Thought you are asking for some test with a i2c remote next to confirm
your analysis there. No such card in any machine currently, but can be


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