(Just updated the attendee list for this meeting, no other changes)

Hi all,

Since we have three separate half-day sessions for different topics I decided
to split the announcement for this in three emails as well, so these things
can be discussed in separate threads.

All sessions are in room Terreaux VIP Lounge - Level 0.
There is a maximum of 15 people.

The second session deals with libcamera and is on Wednesday morning
from 9:00 to 13:00.

Attendees for this session:

Nicolas Dufresne <nico...@ndufresne.ca>
Tomasz Figa <tf...@chromium.org>
Ezequiel Garcia <ezequ...@collabora.com>
Dafna Hirschfeld <dafna.hirschf...@collabora.com>
Eugen Hristev <eugen.hris...@microchip.com>
Jacopo Mondi <jac...@jmondi.org>
Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinch...@ideasonboard.com>
Niklas Söderlund <niklas.soderl...@ragnatech.se>
Dave Stevenson <dave.steven...@raspberrypi.org>
Hans Verkuil <hverk...@xs4all.nl>

That's 10 people.

Planning to use libcamera, but willing to give up their seat if needed:

Daniel Gomez <dan...@qtec.com>
Helen Koike <helen.ko...@collabora.com>

Just interested:

Boris Brezillon <boris.brezil...@collabora.com>
Alexandre Courbot <acour...@chromium.org>

If I missed someone, or you are on the list but won't attend after all, then
please let me know.

Attendees: it is probably useful if you let us know whether you have to
join this meeting because you plan to use libcamera, or if you are 'just
interested'. After the libcamera presentation on Tuesday afternoon we
should know how many of the 'just interested' list can join.


TBD by Laurent.



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