This message is generated daily by a cron job that builds media_tree for
the kernels and architectures in the list below.

Results of the daily build of media_tree:

date:                   Mon Oct 21 05:00:10 CEST 2019
media-tree git hash:    4b1d7c2760d26363c497b959a81f8d055ba767c1
media_build git hash:   afb27b4820fd670aed06d56c6a1dde56318453f1
v4l-utils git hash:     3e4eb8fbfcada0c7f3d1b5a7ee69270ee83bfc07
edid-decode git hash:   dc8afbf7e3001587e27695288ff8c259249256b1
gcc version:            i686-linux-gcc (GCC) 9.2.0
sparse repo:  
sparse version:         0.6.1-rc1
smatch repo:  
smatch version:         (null): (null):0 (null)() warn: 
/home/hans/share/smatch/smatch_data/ is not accessible.
(null): (null):0 (null)() warn: Use --no-data or --data to suppress this 
build-scripts repo:
build-scripts git hash: fb74d4453fd4f857830399be9778a571221bee04
host hardware:          x86_64
host os:                5.2.0-3-amd64

linux-git-arm-at91: OK
linux-git-arm-davinci: OK
linux-git-arm-multi: OK
linux-git-arm-pxa: OK
linux-git-arm-stm32: OK
linux-git-arm64: OK
linux-git-i686: OK
linux-git-mips: OK
linux-git-powerpc64: OK
linux-git-sh: OK
linux-git-x86_64: OK
Check for strcpy/strncpy/strlcpy: OK
linux-3.10.108-i686: OK
linux-3.10.108-x86_64: OK
linux-3.11.10-i686: OK
linux-3.11.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.12.74-i686: OK
linux-3.12.74-x86_64: OK
linux-3.13.11-i686: OK
linux-3.13.11-x86_64: OK
linux-3.14.79-i686: OK
linux-3.14.79-x86_64: OK
linux-3.15.10-i686: OK
linux-3.15.10-x86_64: OK
linux-3.16.63-i686: OK
linux-3.16.63-x86_64: OK
linux-3.17.8-i686: OK
linux-3.17.8-x86_64: OK
linux-3.18.136-i686: OK
linux-3.18.136-x86_64: OK
linux-3.19.8-i686: OK
linux-3.19.8-x86_64: OK
linux-4.0.9-i686: OK
linux-4.0.9-x86_64: OK
linux-4.1.52-i686: OK
linux-4.1.52-x86_64: OK
linux-4.2.8-i686: OK
linux-4.2.8-x86_64: OK
linux-4.3.6-i686: OK
linux-4.3.6-x86_64: OK
linux-4.4.167-i686: OK
linux-4.4.167-x86_64: OK
linux-4.5.7-i686: OK
linux-4.5.7-x86_64: OK
linux-4.6.7-i686: OK
linux-4.6.7-x86_64: OK
linux-4.7.10-i686: OK
linux-4.7.10-x86_64: OK
linux-4.8.17-i686: OK
linux-4.8.17-x86_64: OK
linux-4.9.162-i686: OK
linux-4.9.162-x86_64: OK
linux-4.10.17-i686: OK
linux-4.10.17-x86_64: OK
linux-4.11.12-i686: OK
linux-4.11.12-x86_64: OK
linux-4.12.14-i686: OK
linux-4.12.14-x86_64: OK
linux-4.13.16-i686: OK
linux-4.13.16-x86_64: OK
linux-4.14.105-i686: OK
linux-4.14.105-x86_64: OK
linux-4.15.18-i686: OK
linux-4.15.18-x86_64: OK
linux-4.16.18-i686: OK
linux-4.16.18-x86_64: OK
linux-4.17.19-i686: OK
linux-4.17.19-x86_64: OK
linux-4.18.20-i686: OK
linux-4.18.20-x86_64: OK
linux-4.19.28-i686: OK
linux-4.19.28-x86_64: OK
linux-4.20.15-i686: OK
linux-4.20.15-x86_64: OK
linux-5.0.15-i686: OK
linux-5.0.15-x86_64: OK
linux-5.1.1-i686: OK
linux-5.1.1-x86_64: OK
linux-5.2.1-i686: OK
linux-5.2.1-x86_64: OK
linux-5.3.1-i686: OK
linux-5.3.1-x86_64: OK
linux-5.4-rc1-i686: OK
linux-5.4-rc1-x86_64: OK
apps: OK
spec-git: OK
virtme: OK: Final Summary: 2327, Succeeded: 2327, Failed: 0, Warnings: 0
sparse: OK

Detailed results are available here:

Detailed regression test results are available here:

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The Media Infrastructure API from this daily build is here:

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