On 10/17/19 1:17 PM, Hans Verkuil wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since we have three separate half-day sessions for different topics I decided
> to split the announcement for this in three emails as well, so these things
> can be discussed in separate threads.
> All sessions are in room Terreaux VIP Lounge - Level 0.
> There is a maximum of 15 people.
> The third session deals with future V4L2 API work and is on Wednesday 
> afternoon
> from 14:00 to 18:00.
> Attendees for this session:
> Boris Brezillon <boris.brezil...@collabora.com>
> Alexandre Courbot <acour...@chromium.org>
> Nicolas Dufresne <nico...@ndufresne.ca>
> Tomasz Figa <tf...@chromium.org>
> Ezequiel Garcia <ezequ...@collabora.com>
> Daniel Gomez <dan...@qtec.com>
> Dafna Hirschfeld <dafna.hirschf...@collabora.com>
> Eugen Hristev <eugen.hris...@microchip.com>
> Shuah Khan <sk...@linuxfoundation.org>
> Helen Koike <helen.ko...@collabora.com>
> Jacopo Mondi <jac...@jmondi.org>
> Laurent Pinchart <laurent.pinch...@ideasonboard.com>
> Niklas Söderlund <niklas.soderl...@ragnatech.se>
> Stanimir Varbanov <stanimir.varba...@linaro.org>
> Hans Verkuil <hverk...@xs4all.nl>
> That's exactly 15 people, so the room is full.
> If I missed someone, or you are on the list but won't attend after all, then
> please let me know asap.
> Agenda:
> The main (only?) point of discussion is Boris' RFC v3 patch series:
> https://patchwork.linuxtv.org/cover/59345/
> Thank you, Boris, for preparing this v3. Much appreciated!
> Attendees: please review his series before the meeting!
> Tomasz also suggested talking about exiting V4L2 limitations, esp. for
> handling complex cameras:
> - combinatorial explosion of /dev/video nodes,
> - significant ioctl overhead,
> - huge amount of historical legacy making the driver and userspace
>   implementations overly difficult and prone to repetitive mistakes,
> - the above also limiting the flexibility of the API - formats, frame
>   rates, etc. set using distinct APIs, not covered by Request API, with
>   non-failure "negotiation hell", etc.
> - lack of fences, etc.
> I suspect we won't have time to discuss this. Would some of these topics
> be suitable for the libcamera session?
> If someone has other topics (but remember, we only have 4 hours!)
> then please reply to this announcement post.

I would like to reserve the last 15 minutes of this session to discuss how
to proceed. Given the scale of the proposed changes, I believe we will need
to organize a 3 day brainstorm session with the core stakeholders to take
what is discussed in this session and turn it into a solid API.

Ideally we can come up with a place/date for this, and I think this should
be soon: either late November/early December or in January/early February.

Perhaps the week before FOSDEM? (1 & 2 Feb 2020)

Frankly, it would make a nice topic for a FOSDEM presentation anyway :-)



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