Muralidharan Karicheri wrote:
> Mauro,
>> +       ret = copy_from_user(isif_raw_params,

>> It seems that you're defining some undocumented new userspace API here.
> Yes. This supports an experimental, but necessary API that configures
> the ISIF (Image sensor Interface) image tuning parameters from
> User Space. These parameters are used when converting Bayer RGB image
> to UYVY format when capturing from sensors such as MT9T031.
> For SoCs like TI's DMxxx series, the user needs to have full control
> over these parameters to get desired image quality.
> This had been discussed during the initial version of vpfe-capture
> driver discussion and it was decided to keep them as experimental. So
> no
> documentation is provided at this time. The ioctls are defined in the
> vpfe_capture.h header file and the user space structures are under
> ccdc.h and isif.h under include/media/davinci and are marked as
> experimental.  This was also discussed  in this mailing list before
> and the decision taken at that time was to do it properly as part of
> media soc framework. In this framework, isif and other similar SoC
> hardware IPs will have a device node to configure these parameters
> and therefore will have to be re-worked once media soc framework is
> available.  Until then vpfe-capture users need to have a way to
> configure the ISIF or such hardware IPs.

So, it is not an experimental but a temporary API. We shouldn't add any
driver with temporary API's under /drivers, since API's are forever.
So, or submit it with the proper media soc framework or add the driver
at /staging.

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