Hi all,

what steps need to be taken to get DVB-S2 support into the firedtv
driver?  (The status is, as far as I understood:  FireDTV S2 and Floppy
DTV S2 devices recognize HD channels during channel scan but cannot tune
to them.  FireDTV C/CI DVB-C boxes however tune and play back HD
channels just fine.)

I suppose the frontend needs to be extended for s2api.  Was there a
respective conversion in another DVB driver that can serve as a good
coding example?

Is documentation from Digital Everywhere required regarding the
vendor-specific AV/C requests (LNB_CONTROL? TUNE_QPSK2?) or is the
current driver code enough to connect the dots?

Is the transport stream different from DVB-C HD streams so that changes
to the isochronous I/O part would be required?
Stefan Richter
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