On Friday 26 February 2010 23:46:30 Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
> While receiving dvb-apps updates on upstream is a good idea, I don't think 
> that
> subscribing one list to the other is the proper way for it. If we use that 
> logic,
> we would need to subscribe all kernel ML's (LMML, acpi, alsa, ...) at LKML.
> This would just add more traffic, mixing different subjects.

Well the Debian linuxtv-dvb-apps isn't really a mailing list, rather an alias 
where bug reports from users and other interesting stuff is forwarded about the 
dvb-apps application.

> As you'll be receiving those requests and patches, the better is for you to
> forward us the patches you receive and send us upstream patches based on
> the reports you're receive, keeping your package in sync with upstream, while
> saving us for any internal discussions that it may be pertinent only to the
> Debian ML.

We aren't talking about a lot of traffic, there hasn't been any internal 
discussions and we have had 5 reports in the last 12 months..


I'm happy to onforward, but there can be a lag of upto a couple of months.


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