Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:
Let's go by parts:

The entry for PV-150 were added at -hg tree by this changeset:
changeset:   784:3c31d7e0b4bc
user:        Gerd Knorr
date:        Sun Feb 22 01:59:34 2004 +0000
summary:     Initial revision

Probably, this is a discontinued model, but I don't know for sure.
We have been Provideo's US distributor since late 2004 and I've not heard of a PV-150 part number, and isn't not a current part number.
This one is easy:
[ 13.438412] bttv0: subsystem: 1830:1540 (UNKNOWN)

As this PCI ID is not known, it is just a matter of associating the PV-183
ID's with card 98.

I figured, thanks
Just for reference the PV-149 / PV-981 / PV-183 series cards are:

PV-149 - 4 port, 4 BT878a chips - no forced card setting required
PV-155 - 16 port, 4 BT878a chips - card=77,77,77,77  (Shares the same
board and PCI ID / subsystem as the PV-149)
Hmm... PV-155 shares the same PCI ID as PV-149, but require a different
entry, then we shouldn't add it to the PV-150 autodetection code.
Okay. You can easily access four ports on the PV-155 / PV-981, but to access the sub (/dev/videoX,1-3) channels you need to add the modprobe line.
The better would be to check with the manufacturer if is there a
way to detect between those two boards (maybe reading eeprom?).

I can find out, but getting technical data from Provideo can be more painful then pulling teeth.
Why do you need the card= parameter, if it shares the same subsystem ID as the other PV-981 models?

I think I explained that about with the sub channels, if I'm missing something let me know.


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