On 02/27/2010 01:20 AM, Németh Márton wrote:
From: Márton Németh<nm...@freemail.hu>

On Labtec Webcam 2200 there is a feedback LED which can be controlled
independent from the streaming.

This is true for a lot of cameras, so if we are going to add a way to
support control of the LED separate of the streaming state, we
should do that at the gspca_main level, and let sub drivers which
support this export a set_led callback function.

I must say I personally don't see much of a use case for this feature,
but I believe JF Moine does, so I'll leave further comments and
review of this to JF. I do believe it is important that if we go this
way we do so add the gspca_main level.


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