Hans Verkuil wrote:
On Friday 12 March 2010 21:11:49 Devin Heitmueller wrote:

I know some months ago, there was some discussion about a few drivers
which were stragglers and had not been converted from V4L to V4L2.

Do we have a current list of driver which still haven't been converted?

These drivers are still v4l1:


Some of these have counterparts in gspca these days so possibly some drivers
can be removed by now. Hans, can you point those out?

arv, bw-qcam, c-qcam, cpia_pp and stradis can probably be moved to staging
and if no one steps up then they can be dropped altogether.

Does this mean that the bw-qcam driver will be removed in future revisions or does this mean it will just never be updated to v4l2?

According to my notes I should be able to test cpia_usb. I would have to
verify that, though. I think it is only used in a USB microscope. It is
effectively a webcam. I can also test usbvideo (USB 1 TV capture device).
The latter is probably the most important driver that needs converting,
because I think these are not uncommon.

However, I have no time to work on such a driver conversion. But if someone
is seriously willing to put time and effort in that, then I am willing to
mail the hardware.

I started doing some more tvtime work last night, and I would *love*
to drop V4L support (and *only* support V4L2 devices), since it would
make the code much cleaner, more reliable, and easier to test.

If there are only a few obscure webcams remaining, then I'm willing to
tell those users that they have to stick with whatever old version of
tvtime they've been using since the last release four years ago.

To my knowledge the usbvideo driver is probably the least obscure device
that is still using V4L1.



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