Em 14-04-2010 11:41, Stefan Ringel escreveu:
> Am 14.04.2010 19:44, schrieb Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
>> Hi Stefan,
>> Em 14-04-2010 09:26, Stefan Ringel escreveu:
>>> Hi Mauro,
>>> Can you added these three firmwares? The third is into archive file,
>>> because I'm extracted for an user (Bee Hock Goh).
>> Sorry, but for us to put the firmwares at the server and/or add them at 
>> linux-firmware 
>> git tree, we need to get the distribution rights from the manufacturer,
>> as described on:
>> http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/Development:_How_to_submit_patches#Firmware_submission
>> So, we need Xceive's ack, in order to add the firmware files somewhere. 
>> That's why
>> currently we're using the procedure described on the comments at the 
>> extraction
>> tool:
>>      Documentation/video4linux/extract_xc3028.pl  
>> Cheers,
>> Mauro
> OK. In the archive is the modified extract_xc3028 tool for
> tm6000-xc3028.fw . Is that useful?

Yes, but:

1) Please, send it as a patch, with the proper SOB;

2) From a diff I did here:

-       my $sourcefile = "UDXTTM6000.sys";
-       my $hash = "cb9deb5508a5e150af2880f5b0066d78";
-       my $outfile = "tm6000-xc3028.fw";
+       my $sourcefile = "hcw85bda.sys";
+       my $hash = "0e44dbf63bb0169d57446aec21881ff2";
+       my $outfile = "xc3028-v27.fw";

This version works with another *.sys file. The proper way is to
check for the hash, and use the proper logic, based on the provided
sys file;

3) Please document where to get the UDXTTTM6000.sys file at the 

4) tm6000-xc3028.fw is a really bad name. It made sense only during
the development of tuner-xc2028.c, since, on that time, it seemed that
tm6000 had a different firmware version. In fact, the first devices
appeared with v 1.e firmware. So, a proper name for that version
would be xc3028-v1e.fw. We should rename it to be consistent.

It is not clear what version is provided with this version. Is it
v3.6? On a few cases, we've seen some modified versions of XC3028 firmwares
shipped with some specific board. Is it the case?

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