Hi everybody,

The next version of the media controller patches is available in git at


To avoid putting too much pressure on the linuxtv.org git server, please make 
sure you reference an existing mainline Linux git tree when cloning v4l-dvb-
media (see the --reference option to git-clone).

Beside the media controller core, the tree contains a uvcvideo driver ported 
to the media controller. If you want to test the media controller code with 
the OMAP3 ISP driver, you can check out the devel branch in the 
http://gitorious.org/omap3camera/mainline/ tree instead.

WARNING: Don't unplug the device or unload the driver while holding a 
/dev/media or /dev/subdev device open. This problem will be fixed in a future 


Laurent Pinchart
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