I'm asking about this here because I've seen firmware blobs for this
device's chipset, but I'm not sure about driver availability or if
anyone got ISDB-T reception to work.

The device I have is a USB tuner, brand: Geniatech / MyGica USB made in Taiwan.
Model: Geniatech U6813.

It comes with dual tuners, analog (multi-standard it seems) and
digital (ISDB-T), it's also got a FM tuner, although I'm not sure
which chip implements it.

This is the device

The ISDB-T demodulator seems to be a Fujitsu MB86A20 (the chip is
there, I've opened the device to look) and the tuner seems to be an
Xceive XC5000

Here's the Xceive XC5000 mentioned

And here there's talk about a driver for the XCeive XC5000, although
the card mentioned is PCIe, not USB

And here a mention of the XCeive XC5000 on kernel 2.6.34-rc6

So, how do I test if it would work? What are the required steps?.
Anyone here using a XC5000 usb device?


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