Hello List,

I have a Gentoo based VDR Distribution named Gen2VDR.
As the name said its main application is VDR.
Until kernel 2.6.33 I bundled the v4l-dvb drivers emerged via the gentoo ebuild 
with my distribution.
Now with kernel 2.6.34 this doesn't work anymore, because v4l-dvb doesn't 
Another problem (after fixing the compile issues) is the IR Part of v4l-dvb 
which includes an Imon module.
This module doesn't provide any lirc devices, so how can this oe be used as an 
IR device ?
Til now I am using lirc_imon which fit all my needs.

The final question for me:
Does it make any sense anymore to stay with v4l-dvb or do I have to change to 
the kernel drivers ?
The major disadvantage of the kernel drivers is the fact that I cannot switch 
to newer dvb drivers, I am stuck to the ones included in the kernel.

Any comments are very welcome

Helmut Auer

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