> > Is your imon driver fully compatible with the lirc_imon in the display part 
> > ?
> Yes, works perfectly fine with the exact same lcdproc setup here --
> both vfd and lcd tested.
> > It would be very helpful to add a parameter for disabling the IR Part, I 
> > have many users which
> > are using only the display part.
> Hm. I was going to suggest that if people aren't using the receiver,
> there should be no need to disable IR, but I guess someone might want
> to use an mce remote w/an mce receiver, and that would have
> interesting results if they had one of the imon IR receivers
> programmed for mce mode. I'll keep it in mind for the next time I'm
> poking at the imon code in depth. Need to finish work on some of the
> other new ir/rc bits first (you'll soon be seeing the mceusb driver
> ported to the new infra also in v4l-dvb hg, as well as an lirc bridge
> driver, which is currently my main focal point).
Just one more question.
Your driver is missing the ir_protocol parameter. How can I switch between 
Native Imon and RC-6 ?

Helmut Auer

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