On Tue (Tuesday) 08.Jun (June) 2010, 12:14,  Bjørn Mork wrote:

> Markus Rechberger <mrechber...@gmail.com> writes:
> > Trident is also still improving the quality of their driver and
> > firmware, it very much makes
> > sense that they handle their driver especially since those DRX drivers
> > are very complex
> > (basically too complex for being handled by the community, the drivers
> > would just
> > end up somewhere unmaintained).
> Ouch.  That makes me wonder about the state of the Windows drivers for
> those devices...  Better stay away from them, I guess.

Just to throw this out there, the 'doze support for one such
Micronas-based device I have -- the Linux kernel support for which
either does not exist or cannot be publicly distributed -- is less
than optimal in my experience, which may have nothing to do with

While I was able to make a flawless test recording for a few
minutes of one medium-bitrate lower-resolution high-definition
programme to mislead me into thinking that I'd have success with
a full-length programme, for some reason it turned out that my use
of the device under 'doze for an extended time on a borrowed 'doze
box suffered fairly frequent problems manifested each as a short
dropout of the recording.

This could also be pilot error, as I remain willfully ignorant of
'doze and its details, but if a machine with CPU horsepower over
eight times that (neglecting other acceleration) of my workhorse
that routinely makes four simultaneous flawless recordings
including some at higher resolution/bitrate, is unable to keep up
with the bitstream, then something has got to be seriously wrong,
in my opinion.

A later recording of a higher bitrate (excellent quality standard-
definition video source) stream again exhibited the same problem.
Perhaps 'doze can't keep up writing to its own native filesystem
as it approaches being full, or if I can't keep my hands away from
configuring it to be user-hostile as I prefer.

And of course there's the factor of intermediate hardware to be
considered -- my device is connected via a USB interface which has
caused major filesystem corruption over time with the particular
Linux kernel I was using, despite of working flawlessly with a
different video card.  And 'doze...  *shiver*

Anyway, I'd be happy to learn that others have had success with
the same device, although for me it's no longer a priority to have
it working, to say nothing of working perfectly.  My testing of
the device has been relatively minimal, using it where other tuner
cards lack support.

barry bouwsma
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