On Wed, Jun 16, 2010 at 4:04 PM, Jarod Wilson <ja...@wilsonet.com> wrote:
>> I have another suggestion, let's keep the client register/unregister
>> callbacks for decoders (but add a comment that they're only used for
>> lirc). Then teach drivers/media/IR/ir-raw-event.c to keep track of the
>> raw clients so that it can pass all pre-existing clients to newly added
>> decoders.
>> I'll post two patches (compile tested only) in a few seconds to show
>> what I mean.
> Consider them now runtime tested as well. They appear to do the trick,
> the lirc bridge comes up just fine, even when ir-lirc-codec isn't
> loaded until after mceusb. *Much* better implementation than my ugly
> trick. I'll ack your patches and submit a series on top of them for
> lirc support, hopefully this evening (in addition to a few other fixes
> that aren't dependent on any of them).

A fully functional tree carrying both of David's patches and the
entire stack of other patches I've submitted today, based on top of
the linuxtv staging/rc branch, can be found here:


Also includes the lirc patches that I believe are ready to be
submitted for actual consideration (note that they're dependent on
David's two patches).

Jarod Wilson
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