I've never followed linux-media before, I hope my question is welcome here.

I have a basic project(hopefully), involving connection of an DVB-S frontend 
to an ARM processor. Frontend chip is si2109 which is supported by si21xx 

I created a pseudo card driver which includes only 3 calls to 
'dvb_register_adapter'  , 'dvb_attach' and 'dvb_register_frontend'. I can do 
some channel scanning with this dummy driver then.

Now I'm in the phase of demuxing and decoding. Since I don't have any hardware 
for this I'm planning to do this on software. I'm planning to perform MPEG-TS 
muxing on ARM and MPEG-2 video decoding on DSP.

Is there any example code to begin with such a use case? I tried to read some 
in tree drivers but I still don't know how to introduce a demux and dvr device 
to user space so that I can use off-shelf applications like gstreamer. 
Moreover, I would definetly need some user-space code, at least for mpegts 
demuxing so I wonder if there is any sane way to make a connection like:

demux0 -> userspace demuxing -> dvr0 -> userpace mpeg2 decoding

Any help on what path/method to use is very appreciated.

Best regards,
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