"Dirk Langner" <dirko...@gmx.de> writes:

> I'm really pissed that whenever I try to find a TV-USB-stick (analog
> in my case), it's not in the shops any longer or it's not listed on
> the linuxtv validated sticks. The names of the USB sticks are only
> slightly changed, which may mean, this is only a rebranding or a
> completely new hardware (even without name change). Therefore is the
> support for these sticks kind of a lottery and one first have to buy
> them, check the USB id and whether it's supported or not. Seems, that
> the product cycles are too short for us linux-users :(
> Ok, genug gekotzt, now to the facts: I've purchased the USB-stick
> TerraTec Cinergy Hybrid Stick, although it's a little older (1/2 year)
> it is still in the shops.

Well, Terratec are more helpful than most vendors, so that might not be
a bad choice.  Did you see http://linux.terratec.de/ ?

I'm afraid your card isn't there, but...

> Vendor: TerraTec
> Model: Cinergy Hybrid Stick
> Vendor/Product ID: 0ccd:00a5
> Supports DVB-T and Analog Cable (tested already successful on Windows)

This card is supported by the tm6000 driver currently in staging:

bj...@canardo:~$ grep 00A5 /usr/local/src/git/linux-2.6/drivers/staging/tm6000/*
/usr/local/src/git/linux-2.6/drivers/staging/tm6000/tm6000-cards.c:     { 
USB_DEVICE(0x0ccd, 0x00A5), .driver_info = 

You may want to try that.  I have no idea how well it works, if at all...


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