Am Freitag, 2. Juli 2010, um 02:59:57 schrieb Douglas Schilling Landgraf:
> humm, not really :-/ Are you sure em28xx/device get loaded when your
> device is plugged?
> A good test:
> - unplug your device
> - dmesg -c  (clear the dmesg)
> - plug your device
> - check your dmesg, see if there is any error or message and please
> send to us the output.
> - lsmod could help also.
> - if it's ok, load the i2c modules

The em28xx device gets not loaded because the usb id has changed and e1ba:2871 
is not associated to the em28xx-cards.
the usb id is wrong like i mentioned before - that may be the cause.
I provide you with dmesg later on.

Maybe i need the patch Thorsten did too, to patch the em28xx-cards.c to get 
the "new" wrong usb id regognized as a em28xx device so that i can reflash the 
eeprom of the device. I might give this a try later this day.

@Thorsten: Did you reflash the device eeprom with your patched em28xx driver 
or without the patch?

> What's the message of The same as Throsten?

No, all ok.My distribution is lacking any i2c_smbus module - can't load this 
one. Maybe Ubuntu does not build or 2.6.32 does not habe this one (looking 
through the source i did not find it yet - maybe i missed that).

> @Thorsten, in my case never needed to load modprobed i2c-smbus also.
> That's why rewrite_eeprom failed to you, the script is not looking
> to load this module. Thanks for the feedback.

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