I replied earlier, but due to gmail wanting to send HTML mail by
default (grr), it bounced when sending to the list....   Original
reply (slightly reformatted) follows:

>    commit 86ae40b5f3da13c5fd0c70731aac6447c6af4cd8
>    Author: Gavin Hurlbut <gjhur...@gmail.com>
>    Date:   Thu Sep 30 18:21:20 2010 -0300
>    V4L/DVB: Fix the -E{*} returns in the VBI device as well
>    commit f92f45822ce73cfc4bde8d61a75598fb9db35d6b
>    Author: Gavin Hurlbut <gjhur...@gmail.com>
>    Date:   Wed Sep 29 15:18:20 2010 -0300
>    V4L/DVB: Fix the negative -E{BLAH} returns from fops_read
>    commit 25b5ab78a5240c82baa78167e55c8d74a6e0a276
>    Author: Gavin Hurlbut <gjhur...@gmail.com>
>    Date:   Mon Sep 27 23:50:43 2010 -0300
>    V4L/DVB: Change the second input names to include " 2" to distinguish them
> Those three patches are missing your Signed-off-by: and Gavin's Signed-off-by:
> Could you please provide it?

Chock those up to me missing putting the Signed-off-by: lines in the
patches I sent to Steven due to me being new to mercurial.  Is there a
way for me to add it posthumously, as it were?  I'll be sure to add
that in any future patches, and I apologize for the oversight.  It
would be (for all three patches):

Signed-off-by: Gavin Hurlbut <gjhur...@gmail.com>
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