I am just writing to officially say that I cannot maintain the
hg backport tree anymore.
Sorry for this, I *really* tried to help here, but, since I know some
people still like to use it I prefer
write this email. Unfortunately due my current activities I cannot
give attention which this task requires.

Also, if I could say something here for the next person which will
take care about it.

        - Doing backport manually from 200 to 400 backports doesn't work
        - Making a script to do it, also not good approach since it
will break because of our macros.

The best opition here to my eyes, is tar the current -git tree and
make a directory with the backports
(Mauro's new build system).

This will save a lot of time:

        - no need to backport the current patches coming
        - will keep the tree updated
        - Minize the backport job.

I will keep around, helping the group with what I can.

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