I am using this driver with USB 1b80:s395

Modules load
scandvb gets channels
/dev/dvb gets created
dvbtune seems to tune to transponder


none of the other dvb utilities seem to work


dvbsnoop (except forfeinfo)


dvbsnoop -s feinfo
dvbsnoop V1.4.50 -- http://dvbsnoop.sourceforge.net/

FrontEnd Info...

Device: /dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0

Basic capabilities:
    Name: "Realtek RTL2832 DVB-T  RTL2836 DTMB"
    Frontend-type:       OFDM (DVB-T)
    Frequency (min):     174000.000 kHz
    Frequency (max):     862000.000 kHz
    Frequency stepsiz:   166.667 kHz
    Frequency tolerance: 0.000 kHz
    Symbol rate (min):     0.000000 MSym/s
    Symbol rate (max):     0.000000 MSym/s
    Symbol rate tolerance: 0 ppm
    Notifier delay: 0 ms
    Frontend capabilities:
        auto inversion
        FEC 1/2
        FEC 2/3
        FEC 3/4
        FEC 5/6
        FEC 7/8
        FEC AUTO
        QAM 16
        QAM 64
        QAM AUTO
        auto transmission mode
        auto guard interval
        auto hierarchy

Current parameters:
    Frequency:  497833.000 kHz
    Inversion:  OFF
    Bandwidth:  8 MHz
    Stream code rate (hi prio):  FEC 2/3
    Stream code rate (lo prio):  FEC AUTO
    Modulation:  QAM 64
    Transmission mode:  2k mode
    Guard interval:  1/32
    Hierarchy:  none

dvbdate: timeout - try tuning to a multiplex?
dvbdate: Unable to get time from multiplex.

any ideas?
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