I've been trying to get the ATSC tuner in my KWorld PC120-U PCI Hybrid
ATSC (17de:a134)

Are you sure you don't mean the PC120-U ? -- I can't find such a product. A PC150-U model, on the other hand....

>  I see the drivers for both TDA18271HDC2 and TDA8290 loaded.
>  I thought TDA18271HDC2 was the digital channel decoder, isn't it? Is
>  the "digital channel decoder" different from the digital tuner??
>  Should be looking for a different chip?

they are detected by chip IDs.

The tda8290 is the IF demodulator for global analog TV.
In case of the saa7135 it is an extra chip on the PCB, which most often
can also control the tuner over an i2c gate.

The tda18271hdc2 is a global hybrid tuner for analog and digital
terrestrial TV. It can also provide a FM radio IF. Further processing
and stereo separation for that is done on capable bridges like
saa7133/35/31e, not on the tda 8290.

Yes, for any terrestrial digital TV you need an extra channel decoder
and all known details about it.


In case of terrestrial ATSC, it must be able to deal with 8VSB

From the pics on newegg ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815260032 ), it appears that they have used a Samsung demodulator
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