Yes. Typo. It's a PC150-U.

I found the digital decoder. It's a Samsung s5h1411.

Unfortunately no saa7134 card uses s5h1411, so I'm trying to copy come
code from a saa7164 card. But my C coding skills are very very

I currently trying to play around with these (copied from a saa7164
card!). I don't know if I'm in the right direction or not!

static struct s5h1411_config kworld_s5h1411_config = {
        .output_mode   = S5H1411_SERIAL_OUTPUT,
        .gpio          = S5H1411_GPIO_ON,
        .qam_if        = S5H1411_IF_4000,
        .vsb_if        = S5H1411_IF_3250,
        .inversion     = S5H1411_INVERSION_ON,
        .status_mode   = S5H1411_DEMODLOCKING,


On Sat, Nov 27, 2010 at 12:14 PM, CityK <> wrote:
>> I've been trying to get the ATSC tuner in my KWorld PC120-U PCI Hybrid
>> ATSC (17de:a134)
> Are you sure you don't mean the PC120-U  ? --  I can't find such a product.
>   A PC150-U model, on the other hand....
>> >  I see the drivers for both TDA18271HDC2 and TDA8290 loaded.
>> >  I thought TDA18271HDC2 was the digital channel decoder, isn't it? Is
>> >  the "digital channel decoder" different from the digital tuner??
>> >  Should be looking for a different chip?
>> they are detected by chip IDs.
>> The tda8290 is the IF demodulator for global analog TV.
>> In case of the saa7135 it is an extra chip on the PCB, which most often
>> can also control the tuner over an i2c gate.
>> The tda18271hdc2 is a global hybrid tuner for analog and digital
>> terrestrial TV. It can also provide a FM radio IF. Further processing
>> and stereo separation for that is done on capable bridges like
>> saa7133/35/31e, not on the tda 8290.
>> Yes, for any terrestrial digital TV you need an extra channel decoder
>> and all known details about it.
>> In case of terrestrial ATSC, it must be able to deal with 8VSB
>> modulation.
> From the pics on newegg (
> ), it
>  appears that they have used a Samsung demodulator
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