This message is generated daily by a cron job that builds v4l-dvb for
the kernels and architectures in the list below.

Results of the daily build of v4l-dvb:

date:        Sat Nov 27 19:00:27 CET 2010
git master:       59365d136d205cc20fe666ca7f89b1c5001b0d5a
git media-master: gcc version:      i686-linux-gcc (GCC) 4.5.1
host hardware:    x86_64
host os:

linux-git-armv5: WARNINGS
linux-git-armv5-davinci: WARNINGS
linux-git-armv5-ixp: WARNINGS
linux-git-armv5-omap2: WARNINGS
linux-git-i686: WARNINGS
linux-git-m32r: WARNINGS
linux-git-mips: WARNINGS
linux-git-powerpc64: WARNINGS
linux-git-x86_64: WARNINGS
spec-git: OK
sparse: ERRORS

Detailed results are available here:

Full logs are available here:

The V4L-DVB specification from this daily build is here:
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