Em 09-01-2011 02:01, Vincent McIntyre escreveu:
>> There's no difference. It started out at mchehab/new_build.git, then got
>> moved
>> to media_build.git, but there's a symlink in place to keep from breaking
>> things
>> for people who originally checked it out at the old location.
>> The move essentially promoted it from "something Mauro's tinkering with" to
>> "something generally useful for a wider audience". And its also being worked
>> on
>> by more people than just Mauro now (myself included).
> Thanks for clarifying this. Doesn't this justify a one-line NEWS item?
> I can understand not wanting to mention it while still experimental, but 
> now...

I was actually waiting for someone to manifest as being the maintainer of it,
before doing that announcement, but it is probably fine to add it.

I can add it later, but I'm a little busy this week. So, if someone could 
me the news text (in HTML, if possible), this would help a lot.

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