Em 01-02-2011 12:51, Devin Heitmueller escreveu:
> I know this is the linux-media mailing list and not the tvtime mailing
> list, but it seems relevant given the overlap in the user base and the
> fact that these changes are specifically in response to recent events
> with v4l-dvb.
> I have modified the KernelLabs build of tvtime to no longer depend on V4L1.
> The tree can be found here:
> http://www.kernellabs.com/hg/~dheitmueller/tvtime
> More info including build instructions can be found here:
> http://www.kernellabs.com/blog

Let me take a ride at Devin's call for tests ;)

I've also dropped V4L1 support from xawtv3 a few days ago. It would be
wonderful if people could test it. The upstream git tree is at:

A tarball for the latest version is at:

For those that use Fedora, there are some rpm available For FC14/FC15 at:

There's just one know caveat that affects mostly webcam usage. Xawtv now has 
V4L2 plugins, one with libv4l and another with just v4l2. Currently, there's no 
way to select between them. I need some time to do a research about it and write
a patch to address this issue.

Tests, reports and patches are welcome!
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