Dear list, dear Jean-Francois,

since the upgrade of the kernel to my webcamera (046d:08d7
Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Communicate STX) is brocken. The problem is
exactly the same as in this bug report: The problem of
contrast seems to dissapear in the new 2.6.39-rc4 kernel, but that
time the camera response is brocken. I'm not sure how to technically
describe it correctly. I think the fps is very slow, causing a slight
movement of the object create ugly picture where everything is
blurred. I would be very glad to get my camera back working, as it was
before. (I'm just wondering why should one change something at all...

I suppose the maintainer of the gspca driver is Jean-Francois Moine.
However he seems not to react to the bugs in bugzilla. The simple

gives a buch of bugs (of gspca) that hang there for months. That's why
prior to filing a bug there I decided to say about my issue here. At
least it will be heard...

Thank you and best regards,
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