05-06-2011 17:16, Malcolm Priestley yazmış:
> On Sun, 2011-06-05 at 03:35 +0300, Mehmet Altan Pire wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have "DM04 USB DVBS TUNER", using ubuntu with v4l media-build
>> drivers/modules but device  doesn't working (unknown device).
>> lsusb message:
>> ID 3344:22f0
>> under of the box:
>> DM04P2011050176
> Have you driver for windows to send me?
> I need to verify what tuner is fitted to it.
> The driver file is usually located in windows/system32/drivers
> It is usually called something like US2A0D.sys 
> They may be fitting a new type of tuner that is not supported or it
> doesn't have the LME2510 chip.
> tvboxspy
Yes, i have windows xp driver, name is "US2B0D.sys" I sending it,
attached in this mail. Thanks. 

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