As I have mentioned many people already, I have got Google Summer of Code project for the Linux-Media! It means I can do three months full time work starting from the week 21 (21.05.2012). Originally I applied "Open firmware for ath9k_htc" -project as that was listed but I added own topic for Linux-Media related stuff and it was accepted.

It is rather much time I can spend and fix all those problems I have seen during recent years. Schedule is first to fix all DVB USB problems and then move to enhancing DVB CORE / frontend. I planned only general digital television stuff since it is what I know best. But if there is some time I can likely do some other general fixes.

Here is short description.

I will open another thread just discussing what are the most important things and how those should be fixed "correctly".

And there is no blog yet, but sometime ago I created LinuxTV page for Google+. Lets use it:

And my mentor is Hin-Tak Leung.

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