The array vs6624_p1 is a list of bytes to write to the VS6624's
microcontroller registers/memory, written before it starts running code:

        vs6624_writeregs(sd, vs6624_p1);
        vs6624_write(sd, VS6624_MICRO_EN, 0x2);
        vs6624_write(sd, VS6624_DIO_EN, 0x1);

This doesn't touch any of the documented registers, so presumably it's a
patch to the firmware loaded from non-volatile memory.  Unless you can
provide source code for the patch, this should go in the linux-firmware
repository and be loaded with request_firmware() instead of embedded in
the GPL driver source.

Also, shouldn't you check the loaded firmware version first to verify
that it's safe to apply the patch?


Ben Hutchings
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