19.10.2016 00:45, Mouse пишет:
I'm working with dosemu and would like to add an emulated PCI device to
the emulated DOS machine.  Obviously, I know enough about the hardware
I want to emulate to believe I can write an emulation of it.

But I'm not sure where to hook it in.  (I'm working based on commit
Good luck.

   I found
src/base/async/pci_bios.c and src/base/dev/misc/pci.c, but they appear
to be all about giving the emulated machine access to real PCI hardware
on the real machine.  That's not what I want; I'm trying to supply the
emulated machine with hardware that is not actually present.

There is src/env/video/matrox.c, which appears to be monkeying with PCI
stuff, but even that checks the real machine's /proc/pci and doesn't
run unless there's real hardware backing it (see matroxProbe(), which
incidentally is incorrectly commented as being MGAProbe).

Is this something that's already got hooks supporting it, or am I
breaking new ground here?
There was never any need to emulate the PCI device
for DOS. There are hardly too many DOS drivers for the
PCI devices. Maybe you can instead emulate the ISA version
of that device, which should be much simpler than adding
the PCI bus emulator. Or maybe you simply want to use qemu
because I can't think of the real use-cases where you want
to emulate some modern device under dosemu or dosbox.
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