01.12.2016 08:21, Patrick McMunn пишет:
I didn't think my question was suitable for opening a bug and maybe not for the mailing list, so I just wanted to ask directly. Will DOSEmu2 be able to run on FreeBSD, or does it rely on Linux-only features that would prevent it from working on a BSD system?

Hi, lets actually add the ML to CC as the question
may be interesting for someone else.
dosemu2 has quite a few backends for CPU emulation.
Simulator, jit, kvm, vm86.
For example simulator should be easily portable.
So I think the basic v86 functionality should be
easily portable to FreeBSD. DPMI currently uses quite
a few linux kernel extensions, so this may be more
problematic. SDL frontend is very portable too.
Overall I think it is just a matter of demand: I haven't
heard a lot of demand about BSD ports. I suppose
dosbox already dominates the bsd market. Have you
tried dosbox for your needs?
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