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On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:02 AM, QI Fuli <qi.f...@jp.fujitsu.com> wrote:
This is a patch set of ndctl monitor, a tiny daemon to monitor the smart
events of nvdimm dimms. When a smart event fires, monitor will output
the notification which including dimm health status to syslog or a
special file according to users' configuration. The output notification
follows json format and can be consumed by log collectors like Fluentd.

Currently, I implemeted the following four commands to control monitor daemon.
$ndctl create-monitor
$ndctl list-monitor
$ndctl show-monitor
$ndclt destroy-monitor

I will appreciate if you could give some comments.
Nice to see this new update.

I have a high level comment on the proposed command structure, as far
as I can see the only new command we need is:

    ndctl monitor

...that launches a monitor. We can have options to control whether
that monitor is a one-shot check of events sources, or a daemon that
forks into the background, but the 'create', 'list', 'show', and
'destroy' are the responsibility of systemd or System V services. For

     create: systemctl start ndctl-monitor
     show: systemctl status ndctl-monitor
     destroy: systemctl stop ndctl-monitor

Thank you for your comments, I will use systemd in next version.

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