> On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 12:02 AM, QI Fuli <qi.f...@jp.fujitsu.com> wrote:
> > This patch is used to add $ndctl create-monitor command, by which users can
> > create a new monitor. Users can select the DIMMS to be monitored by using
> > [--dimm] [--bus] [--region] [--namespace] options. The notifications can
> > be outputed to a special file or syslog by using [--output] option, the
> > special file will be placed under /var/log/ndctl. A name is also required 
> > for
> > a monitor,so users can destroy the monitor by the name. When a monitor is
> > created successfully, a file with same name will be created under
> > /var/ndctl/monitor.
> > Example:
> > #ndctl create-monitor --monitor m_nmem1 --dimm nmem1 --output m_nmem.log
> Hi Qi,
> This is getting closer to where I want to see this go, but still some
> architecture details to incorporate. I mentioned on the cover letter
> that systemd can handle starting, stopping, and show the status of the
> monitor. The other detail to incorporate is that monitor events can
> come DIMMs, but also namespaces, regions, and the bus.
> The event list I have collected to date is:
> dimm-spares-remaining
> dimm-media-temperature
> dimm-controller-temperature
> dimm-health-state
> dimm-unclean-shutdown
> dimm-detected
> namespace-media-error
> namespace-detected
> region-media-error
> region-detected
> bus-media-error
> bus-address-range-scrub-complete
> bus-detected
> ...and I think all of those should be separate options, probably
> something like the following, but I'd Vishal to comment if this scheme
> can be handled with the bash tab-completion implementation:
>    ndctl monitor --dimm-events=spares-remaining,media-temperature
> --namespace-events=all --regions-events --bus=ACPI.NFIT
> ...where an empty --<object>-events option is equivalent to
> --<object>-events=all. Also, similar to "ndctl list" specifying
> specific buses, namespaces, etc causes the monitor to filter the
> objects based on those properties.


Currently, I'm confusing what features/options are required for nvdimm daemon.
For example, what is use-case of "--bus=ACPI.NFIT"? 

For normal administorator of a server, what he/she's interest is 
"need to replace nvdimm module or not", and "need to backup/restore
on the nvdimm module or not". 

For normal programs, they just use device name or directory/filename of
the filesystem on the nvdimm.

To backup thier data, he/she need to solve relationship between
nvdimm modules and device name (/dev/pmem* or /dev/dax*).

So, IMHO, I suppose "namespace(device name) specifying (or all namespace)"
is enough the following events which requires replace the nvdimm module.

 - spare-remaining
 - helth-state
 - media-error

And I'm not sure what is use-case of specifying region, bus, and dimm
on these events.

In addition, could you tell me what administrator/program can do
on the following events? What nvdimm daemon should do on each event?

  - media-temperature
  - controller-temperature
  - address-range-scrub-complete
  - unclean-shutdown


> Since "ndctl list" already has this filtering implemented I'd like to
> see it refactored and shared between the 2 implementations rather than
> duplicated as is done in this patch. In other words rework cmd_list()
> into a generic nvdimm object walking routine with callback functions
> to 'list' or 'monitor' a given object that matches the filter.
> Let me know if the above makes sense. I'm thinking the 'ndctl list'
> refactoring might be something I need to handle.
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