On 09.04.2018 05:26, Stefan Hajnoczi wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 05, 2018 at 08:09:26AM -0400, Pankaj Gupta wrote:
>>> Will this raw file already have the "disk information header" (no idea
>>> how that stuff is called) encoded? Are there any plans/possible ways to
>>> a) automatically create the headers? (if that's even possible)
>> Its raw. Right now we are just supporting raw format.  
>> As this is direct mapping of memory into guest address space, I don't
>> think we can have an abstraction of headers for block specific features.
>> Or may be we can get opinion of others(Qemu block people) it is at all 
>> possible?
> memdev and the block layer are completely separate.  The block layer
> isn't designed for memory-mapped access.

Not questioning if this is the right thing to do now. I was wondering if
we could expose any block device in the future as virtio-pmem. And I
think with quite some work it could be possible.

As you said, we will need some buffering. Maybe userfaultfd and friends
(WP) could allow to implement that.

> I think it makes sense to use memdev here.  If the user wants a block
> device, they should use an emulated block device, not virtio-pmem,
> because buffering is necessary anyway when an image file format is used.
> Stefan



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