> >
> > Thank you very much.
> >
> > I think the "logfile=<logfile path>" is also needed in the configuration 
> > file.
> >
> > One more question is that do you think it is necessary for ndctl list to 
> > support "one
> option multiple arguments"?
> > Currently, only "one option one argument" is allowed in ndctl list like 
> > "ndctl list
> --dimm nmem1 --bus ndbus1".
> > Due to monitor should support "one option multiple arguments" like
> > "ndctl monitor --dimm nmem1,nmem2", I am thinking modify the "strut
> util_filter_params" in util/filter.h, change the "const char *bus" to "char 
> **buses"
> > or "link_list bus" and refactor the util_filter_walk in util/filter.h, then 
> > ndctl list also
> can support "ndctl list --dimm nmem1,nmem2".
> That would be a welcome feature. Given that we already support the "all" 
> keyword to
> match multiple objects in a filter it should be straightforward to support 
> lists of
> objects.
> The only concern is syntax. I think since the label commands "init-labels, 
> read-labels,
> write-labels" takes a space separated list of objects I think we should do 
> the same
> specifying multiple object names to the filter.
> I.e. a request to list multiple specific dimms would be:
>     ndctl list --dimm="nmem1 nmem2 nmem3"
> ...space separation instead of comma allows you to rewrite that as:
>     ndctl list --dimm="$(echo nmem{1,2,3)"

Ok, I see.
I will make a patch to refactor the util_filter_walk() and ndctl list.
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