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Subject: The world is full of love, I want to be a part of it!
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It's a beautiful day and i'am in a hurry to get in touch with you asap!

My name is Sevgi, and I'm from Turkey. 
I really do believe in a destiny with a bright future for myself and that you 
could become a part of it become my true soulmate. 
I do want to be next to a loving man. 

I love traveling, movies, pop music, seafood, and doing crazy things, but i 
feel like loneliness is swallowing me intensely lonely sometimes. 
I wish to find for my second half, who a man that will give me a real hope and 
true love! 

Hope you're interested in becoming a part of my adventure and will reply back 
In the next letter, I'll send you my photo.

Please write me back using my personal email: dentistsevg...@aol.com

Your true soul, 

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