Mike, any feedback on this?


On 02/13/2014 11:00 AM, Tero Kristo wrote:

This set is a mix-match of new DT properties for generic and TI specific
clock drivers. Basically provided for commenting purposes. The patches
provide a way to configure clock parents / rates during boot through DT.

"default-rate" : sets rate of a clock during boot, supported for any DT
                 clock type (through generic clock driver)
"ti,default-parent" : selects a default parent for a multiplexer clock,
                      only supported for TI specific mux clock for now,
                      as generic mux clock does not support DT clocks

Patch #4 provided as a reference how to move the default rates / parents
from kernel code to DT.

Default-rate logic in patch #2 looks somewhat complicated, as the clocks
need to be sorted based on their parents to avoid cases where a child clock
would set its rate first, just to be overridden by its parent changing
rate later and resulting in incorrect rate for the child clock.

If the default-rate generic property is not going to fly, it can be moved
to TI only drivers also.


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