On Tuesday 22 December 2015 17:44:47 Tony Lindgren wrote:
> Add minimal device tree support for dra62x also known j5eco. It is
> related to dm814x, just the clocks are a bit different and it has a
> different set of integrated devices. And let's get some basic dm814x
> and dra62x devices working as many of the devices are like on am33xx::
> - pinctrl using the pinctrl defines as for am33xx
> - Updated EDMA bindings with support for using exma_xbar
> - MMC support for dm814x-evm, t410 and dra62x-j5eco-evm
> - USB support for dm814x-evm, t410 and dra62x-j5eco-evm
> This branch depends on an earlier omap-for-v4.5/81xx-fixes-signed
> branch that has dm814x dts fixes interlaced with SoC related fixes to
> keep things booting. The interlaced SoC and dts fixes were needed
> because of issues with the device tree defined clocks that just
> happened to work on bootloader timings for t410 earlier.

Merged into next/dt, thanks!

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