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> To: Ghorai, Sukumar
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> Subject: Re: [PATCH RESEND v4 1/4] omap3: nand: prefetch in irq mode
> support
> * Ghorai, Sukumar <s-gho...@ti.com> [100918 11:16]:
> > >
> > > This handler should be in gpmc.c as it may be needed for other GPMC
> > > connected devices on the same system. You can use chained irq handlers
> > > to allow all the drivers to use the interrupt then.
> >
> > [Ghorai]
> > You mean as this function used the gpmc-irq number in nand file, so
> handler should move to gpmc.c file?
> Yes, other GPMC connected drivers may want to use it too for their chip
> selects.
> >     1. For that we need to add one io-struct (to keep io buffer status)
> in gpmc.c;
> >
> >     2. Also need help how to sync between gpmc.c/omap_nand_irq() and
> omap2.c/omap_write_buf_irq_pref(), men how read/write function know that
> work done in interrupt-context? Or you prefer to move the complete IO
> function (omap_read/write_buf_irq_pref) to gpmc.c?
> >
> >     3. gpmc does not now about the read and write address that's
> applicable for NAND. So how to pass the IO address from omap2.c to gpmc.c,
> interrupt handler?
> Hmm, I don't follow you. You can have the interrupt handler
> both in gpmc.c and in the nand driver with set_irq_chained_handler()
> and set_irq_data(). We are doing that already in lots of places,
> like gpio.c and twl4030-irq.c.
[Ghorai] Thanks. I am working on it; and will re-submit.
> > So, please let me know your suggestion again such that I can post this
> time itself. Otherwise again it will miss from coming release, this was
> posted/reviewed for last release too. And suggest to void repeating of
> missing release window again.
> Yes would be nice to get this patch in, to me it seems that this
> issue is the only blocker. It should be pretty easy change to
> make.
> Regards,
> Tony
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