On Wed, Apr 25, 2012 at 21:06:43, Paul Walmsley wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Apr 2012, Cousson, Benoit wrote:
> > Please take care of changing the hwmod main_clk as well. But maybe 
> > that's not part of that series.
> It's not part of the series yet.
> Vaibhav, could you take care of changing the main_clk in your hwmod data 
> patches, and send those to the list?


Just an update on the status,

I used your cleaned version of clocktree data, where you have removed all 
leaf-nodes and merged multiple clocks nodes into one; but it did not work. I 
attempted to review the cleanup and tried to debug, but found it bit hard to 
come back to working clocktree from stripped version. So moved back to my 
submitted clocktree and started stripping the clock leaf-nodes, same way you 
had done it. Now I reached to the stage where I have working clocktree 
without peripheral leaf-nodes and booting on BeagleBone.

I will start working on migrating to common clock framework now, and hoping 
to finish it soon.

Just FYI (may need your help), I got into some issues (still open) during 
this cleanup -

1. In cases where we have clock selection option for node-leafs, like, 
   Timers, I removed enable_reg entry from the node, which results into a 
   kernel error message from function omap2_dflt_clk_disable()

clock: clk_disable called on independent clock %s which has no enable_reg

2. clkdm_name entry: 
   The issue is, two entries available for clockdomain associated for 
        - hwmod_data.main_clk and 
        - clk.clkdm_name

   They must match, right? The parent/root clocks flows from one domain to 
   another domain, so I have to keep the nodes just for sake of matching 
   clockdomain entry present in associated main_clk data.

   I am still reviewing the code from Rajendra, but one of Rajendra's patch 
   actually will help here, made it to use hwmod_data.clkdm (if available) 
   always, instead of directly using clk.clkdm.

3. If I understand correctly, hwmod_data.main_clk is functional clock and    
   hwmod_ocp_if.clk is interface clock, right?

   So currently, I have mentioned same entry in both the places (especially 
   for Peripherals/modules).
   I am planning to remove ocp_if/clk entry data for all modules..

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