Hi Ludovic,

On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 3:51 PM, frq09524 <ludovic.ba...@stericsson.com> wrote:
> In my previous patch, to find the correct subdevice that match with physical 
> memory, I used pa member of rproc_mem_entry.

I'm not sure we want to find these subdevices using the physical
memory of the expected region.

Doing so means more work when setting up those numbers initially, and
may also break if/when those number changes.

What do you think about looking up those subdevices by names?

E.g. before allocating the vrings, we may look for a subdevice called
"vrings-mem". If one exists, we'll use it when invoking the DMA API.
If not, we'll just use the default rproc device.

This way we don't need to change the firmware if/when we change the
memory regions allocated for each purpose.

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