Uhh... I have no idea what metadata or bitmap anything I was using...
Default I guess?  How do I safely get that info?  I didn't see anything
obvious in the man page.

I think what may have happened is that I had created the primary drive
on hdb, then physically moved it to hda.

I wish I wrote the exact commands and sequence down, but I think I did
something like this:
 - hda: temporary     hdb: primary raid
   mdadm --create --level=1 --raid-devices=1 --force md0 /dev/hdb3
 - fill data into hdb3 (via network)
 - hda: primary raid  hdb: secondary raid
 - mdadm --grow (??)   #  something to say it's now a 2-disk mirror, I
 - mdadm --add md0 /dev/hdb3     # adding the secondary into the raid
 - At this point, hdb3 is reconstructing
 - reboot
 - system uses hdb3 as primary?!?!

By "secondary" I mean the fresh disk I'm adding to the raid set. i.e.
not the one I should be booting off.

BTW, in addition to using FC5's kernel 2.6.18 (smp), I was also using

If it's not reproduceable, I guess I feel a bit better about it.... It
must mean I hit some sort of special case.

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On Wednesday November 15, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> Perhaps this is the problem addressed in the patch... But I 
> thought I'd post it here just in case.
> I was cloning some drives, and ended up creating a 1 drive RAID1
> After that was built, I decided to add my spare drive and allow the 
> reconstruction to take care of things.  As soon as I saw that 
> reconstruction was taking place, I shutdown the system, put the drives

> away and closed the case.
> To my surprise, when I booted, I encountered numerous disk errors.
> Apparently the system decided to ues the partially reconstructed drive

> as the primary!  And of course, it had no knowledge that 
> reconstruction needed to continue.  My data was hosed and I had to 
> restart the cloning process.

I've been trying to reproduce this and have failed.  Can you give me
some more details?
Where you using version 1 metadata or the default version 0.90 (though
/etc/mdadm.conf can override the default).
Were you using a write-intent bitmap?  If so, internal or external?

If you can come up with an exact sequence of actions to reproduce this
I'd really appreciate it, but I don't really expect it.

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