On 9/17/2016, Ulf Hansson wrote:
> > I'm assuming I'll have to do the same for MMC (sh_mmcif.c) once I get to
> that driver (I need to find my MMC PLUS card first for testing).
> Okay!
> Kind regards
> Uffe

Just FYI,
For the eMMC case,  I decided not to modify sh_mmcif.c to add the OCR and 
instead just create a 3.3 fixed regulator in the DT.

The reason is that if someone is using eMMC for their file system, they are 
probably using external RAM (since block data needs to be copied out of eMMC 
into RAM before they can be executed). So the extra RAM needed for the regular 
DT is not really an issue.

However, the people using SDHI are using it for SDIO for Wifi modules and they 
are the ones with the slimmed down RAM systems. So for them, removing the 
regulator DT will help squeeze their system into 3MB or 5MB of in-chip system 


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