Hi Geert,

On 9/19/2016, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:
> >> The bindings do not say anything about interrupts (hence that should
> >> be added).
> >
> > I'm sorry, I'm confused...
> > Are you saying:
> >  A) I forgot to add something?
> >  B) As a general statement, the renesas,mmcif.txt file doesn't say
> anything about interrupts?
> Both ;-)


> > The IP itself has 3 interrupts:
> >  #1. MMC0,299: Card detect
> >  #2. MMC1,300: Status Change
> >  #3. MMC2,301: Error

Correction! I had the order wrong.

From the RZ/AH1 Hardware manual (51.4 Interrupt Requests)

#1. MMC0,299: Card detection interrupt
#2. MMC1,300: Error/timeout interrupt
#3. MMC2,301: Normal operation interrupt

So it's the same as all the other SoCs. Sorry for the confusion.

>   3) You may want to add the card detect interrupt to DT anyway, as DT
>      describes the hardware, not limitations of the driver. If you do so,
>      renesas,mmcif.txt should document the third interrupt value.

OK. I have no objections to adding it to DT and renesas,mmcif.txt and not 
touching sh_mmcif.c (just letting it ignore the 3rd value).
If someone in the future wants to code up card detect....they are welcome to it 


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