Hello Laurent

The document mentions that you have used shmobile_defconfig. However, that
configuration in v4.8 doesn't enable CONFIG_CMA, which causes at least the DU
driver to fail probing the device. I thus assume you have modified the
configuration to enable CMA. The fact that shmobile_defconfig doesn't include
the uvcvideo driver used by test 14 seems to confirm local modifications to
the configuration.
We will retest it and report again.

It would be useful to attach the kernel .config file to future reports to help
reproducing the test failures with the exact same configuration.
Thank you.  we will attach the configs file for each issue next time.

By the way, while at it, your e-mails are filtered out by the vger.kernel.org
server as they contain HTML. If you could send future reports without HTML it
would help them reaching the mailing list archive (although the presence of an
attachment might not be appreciated by vger.kernel.org, I'm not sure about
Thanks for your info. next time I will notice that.

Issue 11 ("VSP1:error message appears on initilization") has been introduced
Sorry about this. We will add more info in the detail (like Issue 10)

For Issue 14, if you need any information to debug, please lets us know.

thanks and best regards.

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