On Wed, Aug 09, 2017 at 12:27:38PM +0100, Fabrizio Castro wrote:
> Hello,
> This series aims to add the documentation for the device tree bindings
> of the iWave iW-RainboW-G22D-SODIMM RZ/G1E SODIMM development kit:
> http://www.iwavesystems.com/product/development-platform/sodimm-evaluation-boards/rz-g1e-sodimm-development-kit-28/rz-g1e-sodimm-development-kit.html
> which consists of a System on Module (iW-RainboW-G22M-SM) and a carrier
> card (iW-RainboW-G22D).

Hi Fabrizio,

Thanks for reposting with myself and linux-renesas-soc CCed.

As is the common practice for DT binding updates I will wait to see if Rob
or others wish to Ack this change before applying it.  Please ping me, f.e.
by a reply-to-all to this email, in one week if there has been no further

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